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Houston, TX 77042
Telephone: (713) 870-2808
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For additional information go to   www.ZeroInjuryInstitute.com.

"Zero Injury" is a Management Commitment to all employees that an injury, any injury, is simply unacceptable! Such a commitment communicated throughout an organization is culture changing! Safety behaviors that were once OK are no longer acceptable. Employees willingly change! Safe work becomes the norm. Supervisors become strong advocates. Conflict over safety in your firm ceases to exist. All work day by day for the ultimate achievement. An entire year without a single injury.

"Zero Injury" is a behavior-based approach to obtaining that long sought after shift from ordinary safety performance to world class! There are hundreds of Zero Injury practitioners today and this number is increasing daily. The successful are working millions of hours without a single serious injury. Some over a million hours without a recordable! This is world class safety!

Zero is Not a Goal
Going for ZERO INJURY requires a COMMITMENT to ZERO!
Zero Injury should not be your goal! Any goal allowing for injuries reflects an acceptance of failure and an attitude that some injury is OK. Make Zero a commitment! In a Zero program, any injury becomes unacceptable!



"During the three years I headed the Environmental, Health & Safety in Intel, contractor Recordable Injury Rate decreased from 10.73 to 2.00 for 1996. This is a remarkable accomplishment with 10,000 contractors worldwide! I have you and your guidance to thank for that!"

RaeAnn Dougherty
Director, H.S.&E., Intel Corporation.

"...I would like to thank you for using our safety improvement as an example during the recent conference. You played a critical role in this improvement when you addressed our employeesand craft labor partners about the importance of safety. Our attitudes and actions regarding safety have been changed for the better. We plan to continue along the path of improvement toward zero injury. Your contribution to this effort is deeply appreciated.

Garry W. Hart
Manager of Project Engineering
Cherne Contracting Corporation

(Cherne recently achieved a record of over 2.5 million hous worked with zero recordable injuries!)


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